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4ToldFintech is a technology company delivering a disruptive platform and approach to including the unbanked and underserved markets in Latin America and the US in the broader economy by providing more efficient access to capital and the ability to borrow at significantly reduced finance charges.

4Told delivers a B2B2C business model that enables lending institutions and ecosystems to utilize 4Told’s smart digital mobile platform (4ToldFin) to fully automate the lending process: onboarding, underwriting and loan servicing. 4ToldFin significantly reduces the administrative costs and default rates, increases the number of loans processed, simplifies and accelerates the introduction of new smart lending products, enables entering into new markets including the unbanked and underserved segments, and more efficiently diversifies risk with its patent pending fractional guarantors’ technology

86% loans completed without human touch

3 min loan origination 86% onboarding in less than 10 min

$20 and up

Real time support for traditional & fractional guarantors

Anywhere through mobile App

Risk assessment loan service across multiple products

Value proposition

Benefits to the Borrower

Reduced Finance Charges by 2-10x.

Because 4Told automates 90% of the Human involvement and provides better non-traditional risk models and loan management processes, the finance charges for borrowers can dramatically be reduced.

Affordability for loans less than $20 and duration for as little as 1 month.

Based on study of online lenders throughout Latin America and the US, smaller amount and lower duration loans can have finance charges ranging between 70-700% APR. Utilizing 4Told’s technology can reduce these finance charges by 4-10x.


4Told mobile technology that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and objective based bots can approve a loan in three minutes and onboard/underwrite a borrower in less than 15 minutes. This compares to many retailers and micro-finance organizations that take hours or sometimes days to approve and originate a loan.


90% of Latin Americans own or have access to a smart phone. By utilizing a mobile based platform, borrowers in rural regions where internet access can be spotty or physical lending locations are far distances, or those that don’t own a computer, can now access loans in minutes from their phone or retail center kiosk.

Availability through the Open Marketplace.

In the Open Marketplace platform, borrowers access the Hola Prestamo mobile app and access various lending products offered by different lending institutions. The platform provided a consistent lending experience regardless of the loan product or lending institution.”

Benefits to the Lender

Reduce administrative and overhead costs.

The human and other administrative costs to manage the onboarding, underwriting, and loan service can range from 5-12% of the loan principal amount (i.e. onboarding specialists, credit officers, relationship persons, call center). 4Told’s automation technology eliminates most of these costs, and charges a fee of 1-3% of the loan principal amount on average.

Reduce origination processing times and increase loans volumes.

4Told mobile technology can approve a loan in 3 minutes and onboard/underwrite a borrower in less than 15 minutes depending on the lending product, up to 80% faster than most retailers and microfinance organizations. As a result, lending institutions can scale the number of loans per employee by 3-5x.

Diversify risk through the patent pending “Fractured Guarantor” technology.

The traditional process for group based lending is time consuming and the scope of potential guarantors is generally limited to one’s close physical location. 4Told’s Fractured Guarantor technology enables individuals to easily organize into digital (social) support networks, automatically analyses the individuals’ network for their creditworthiness and capacity to pay, and selects the best individuals to spread risk toward in order to improve the likelihood of the borrower obtaining a loan or improving the loan terms and conditions.

Reduce default rates up to 60%.

With 4Told’s mobile based and smart messaging patented technology, various predictive models can be applied based on the borrower’s traditional (i.e. credit score) and non-traditional credit history, mobile data attributes, and social network to better assess credit risk, better stratify borrower risk, optimize follow on finance charges based on repayment behavior, and offer real-time refinancing based on changes to repayment ability. Importantly, our chat based conversational messaging communication strategy allows for better follow up loan servicing with borrowers, especially when payments are delayed.

Our technology platform

The 4ToldFin platform incorporates digital channels with mobile and web applications, smart automation with advanced artificial intelligence, digitalization and integrated predictive models, networked individuals for risk diversification strategies, and a real-time core-banking module for managing onboarding, underwriting and loan servicing processes across different types of lending products and specific requirements of lending institutions.

Registration, KYC

Biometric identification, fraud and AML

Financial reputation, Risk models, User behavior

Loan Servicing: disbursement, loan activation and payments

Match user to credit programs

Loan origination, underwriting, fractional guarantor and e-sign


4ToldFin incorporates artificial intelligent agents with a patented intelligent conversation messaging feature to perform dynamic conversational processes with users. These agents collaborate in real time to automate and integrate complex dynamic lending processes with advanced learning, predictive models, dynamic working memory activation, fuzzy logic, and inference rules.

Mobile and Web applications
for borrowers and lending institutions' users

Our mobile and web digital channel powered by natural language processing (NLP) transforms the overall user experience into easy and intuitive chat conversations to drive the most complex lending interactions. It empowers financial institutions to go beyond simple chat bot, delivering to clients the ability to originate and service their loans from their mobile devices.

Risk Diversification technology. 4ToldFin establishes a new capability for more efficient and broader scope of risk diversification for any type of lending product by introducing patent pending “fractional guarantor”. This innovation enables individuals to easily organize into digital (social) support networks, automatically analyses the individuals’ network for their creditworthiness and capacity to pay, and selects the best individuals to spread risk toward in order to improve the likelihood of the borrower obtaining a loan or improving the loan terms and conditions. In real-time, optimization models establish the fractional amount of the loan to minimize the overall risk for the lending institution and an economic gain to incentivize the guarantors.

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