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4Told Fin Tech is an enterprise dedicated to the financial technology with experience in the development of applicable products to different business models with artificial intelligence according to the necessities and demands of the current market. For the growing market of finances 4Told Fin Tech provides the product "Lending Hand".

Lending Hand

Is a smart-lending platform, mobile and social in the cloud, that automizes and manages all of the operative aspects of a credit and credit wallets, allowing the financial enterprises to innovate the access to the massive credit market.


The financial enterprise can easily add credit programs managing them externally without altering their internal resources, at the same time, it allows to create and extend massive credit programs to consumers of the high risk band with a low administrative cost and a continuous risk management.

The platform can be adapted for merchants and providers that want to supply products and services through credits. The access to consumers is made through a mobile application for smartphones offering a financial product that has the following characteristics:



To generate loans and credits of any size according to the client type.



Active participation of the social network between lenders and



Adaptation and adjustment of the credits and payments according to the risk level of the borrower.



The system organizes the payments on time to achieve the success of the credit.


Lending Hand makes use of the AGA Technology (Autonomous Goal Agents). It is an intelligent framework that combines state-of-the-art technologies allowing organizations to come up with smart, advanced and automatized solutions for the ever changing technological world.


Inside of this AGA framework, the agents can be designed to behave intuitively like humans, to incorporate the supervision of the process through states (phases or milestones) and transactions made towards the success of the predefined goals. Such transactions are strictly joined to actions that run tasks, coordinate resources (both internal and external) and emulate cognitive reasoning, like the human experts would do in an environment driven by business rules. The advanced tools of analysis and automatic learning that are integrated in the AGA framework, have the following characteristics and capacities:



The capacity of any agent to construct or utilize predictive models with learning techniques supervised and un-supervised.



Natural language like the acknowledgment on intentions and information extraction from the natural linguistic interaction between man and machine.



AGA has a patented intelligent conversation messaging features that is also adaptable to different processes and business rules.

AGA agents can also collaborate to automatize complete processes from extreme to extreme inside environments in real time, producing a complex behavior, of high performance and low latency, factorizing for the final user all of the low level details of the implementation, integration and execution.

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